We’re going to provide free meals to Brevard’s unemployed food and beverage workers!
This Challenge is BIG, but Our Community IS BIGGER… Let’s Do This!

GIVE: Virtual Tip


Would you like to help us Serve Those That Have Served Us?
This is how your virtual tip/donation will increase in value and give hope to those in need.

  1. We have a mulitple restaurants that will be preparing hot meals every day for the unemployed hospitality workers in need.
  2. We can feed an individual or a family, a nutritionally balanced meal for under $2 per person.

(This donation is 501.3(c) tax deductible)

Click on the button below if you would like to leave a virtual tip now!

RECEIVE: Meal Pick Up

  • What: One dinner for four
  • Where: Pick up at the desired location (choose below)
  • When: Form must be submitted by noon for same day pick up between 2-5pm

Are you a food and beverage worker located in Brevard County Florida?
Have you been laid off due to the COVID-19 Pandemic?

What you’ll need

    • Proof of Brevard County residency (driver’s license or govt id)
    • Pay-stub to verify service industry employment (just your name and the name of your employer are needed)
    • A valid email address

Complete the form below and you will receive a confirmation email shortly.

Choose Pick Up Location

Please contact locations directly with any questions.


Pizza Gallery & Grill (The Avenue Viera)


PizzaVola (Cocoa Beach)

PizzaVola (Indian Harbor Beach)

PizzaVola (West Melbourne)


Form must be submitted by noon for same day pick up between 2-5pm
(Please keep in mind that we are attempting to feed many in need and limit request to one per day)